A Field of Songs

by Doctor Jon

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Recorded on a Thursday night by one tired dude.


My Heart is a Field of Songs (Sometimes)

If my heart could only be a field of songs
With plenty left over for gleaners who come along
But instead of a tree in bloom
Songs march like a shotgun groom
Will there ever come a good tune out of me?

If my hands could only be the wind
soft through an aeolian harp again and again
But my hands bring the force of a gale
And the strings stretch and fail
Will I ever find my way behind the veil?

If my ears could only pick up radio tunes
and collect the songs that remind me of you
but the bad ones stick in my head
and the good ones stick in my throat
and as much as I try I cannot remember the notes.

I swear I’ll never jump off a bridge
‘cause I’d have to write a good one first.
anyway, there’s probably an easier way
to break the curse

I’m glad your heart has always been a field of songs
And the blackbirds in my head scattered when you came along
Now instead of a shotgun groom,
or the call of a lonely bird’s tune
My heart and my hands and my ears are ready for you.
My heart and my hands and the birds can play for you.


released June 6, 2014
All music written and performed by Doctor Jon. Wood block is actually my shoe polish brush hit with a drum stick. Icon on cover image is "Bird Cage" designed by Jule Steffen & Matthias Schmidt from the Noun Project



all rights reserved


Doctor Jon Starkville, Mississippi

I make music at home with one microphone, a few guitars, an old drum set, and a macbook.

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